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Marie Sonia Saint Fleur once said: " If you have enough to save, you have enough to share." a wisdom which becomes our model. Creating your world, your way with what you have in a safely manner for others is a new thinking ideology promoting the foundation today.

The Anderson Dovilas Foundation


Our core value is: 


We believe a community is only as strong as the individuals it serves. That’s why we’ve developed tools and processes that empower, educate and nurture youth and seniors living in Haiti. Through our dedication to growth and development and our passion for building a family-like network, we remain committed to achieving our vision of improving the quality of life for those Haitians who seek to thrive.


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The Black Beans Project
On a bi-annual basis, the foundation begins the black beans project. A portion of these beans is handed over to a community of farmers. This is sowed and they are supposed to return another produce. Then this is further distributed among another community of farmers.

The black beans are immensely beneficial for the health. Rich in fiber potassium, folate, phytonutrient content, and vitamin B6, it reduced cholesterol in the body and promote heart health. Nowadays, a network of more than 600 farmers is taking part in the projects. It started from 50 and has rapidly become a fruitful l opportunity for the Haiti farmers. Not only provides healthy food but financial sustenance as well.

Salon du livre de Mirebalais 2eme Edition


Our community restaurants

As you may already know, Haiti has the highest percentages of children who are underweight and who are literally wasting away in all Latin America and the Caribbean. Malnourishment in children has been a long term and chronic major public health concern and epidemic in Haiti. 


The January 2010 earthquake in Haiti caused an unprecedented, catastrophic loss of  human life and physical infrastructure. It also displaced at least 1.5 million people, putting more children at higher risk for malnutrition. On February 19th, 2017 the Anderson Dovilas Foundation opened a community restaurant to give access to a full meal every day to more 300 hundred people. 

Among those being fed daily, orphans and orphans are being prioritized. The restaurant is part of our community empowerment and development program that we are currently expanding in Haiti. The main focus of this project is  to feed children only but, due to such a high demand when it comes to food, we had to grant access to all we could. We are very proud of how this restaurant and how it is impacting lives on a daily basis.



Our Mentoring

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” — John Crosby


Mirebalais Book FAIR

Mirebalais Book Fair, is an activity with the book, by the book and for the book. It is a project that aims to be a space for exchange between readers, writers and professionals in the book trade, 

School under trees.jpg

School Under Trees

School under Trees is a literacy program design to fight poverty. Our is teach people the most important skill to become self-sufficient. 

That is why instead of going to school we sent the schoo to you. 

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320 ANS

To celebrate the 320 years of existence of Mirebalais we put together a program to educate and empower youth for a week in August more detail will be coming soon. Thank you.

Lekol Anba Tonel School Under Trees

The people within the foundation are investing efforts to build schools to promote education. The school under trees project is not only meant to help haiti people reduce their illiteracy rate but preserve their strengths. Due to the lifestyle of the people, flexible learning is available. Teachers are sent to both children and adults to match their schedules.

No need to go deeper in data to know that we have a high percentage illiterate. Also, for the kids in school, we have a high percentage of failure, due to lack educational support in school, at home.

The school does not work closely with the students if they are in need of extra help. If their parents are too busy to help with school requirements, or if they don’t have an education level to accompany them with homework and other academic necessity, those children are most likely exposed to failure and will be bullied in school at home. School under trees is a mobile educational concept to support children and adult in haiti.

Hurricane Relief Action

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